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Sports clubs

Marjon Mens Football team play at Varsity

Our teams have a healthy competitive spirit, no matter what level you want to play at. Check out our teams below and contact them directly, or through the Sports Federation, to give one a try. New members are always welcome.

Varsity Week, usually held in March, is students’ chance to go against students from Plymouth University. Games are held on campus and at major sporting grounds in the city.

Click the link for more infomation: Varsity 

American Flag Football

American Flag is a non-contact variant of American Football. It is a inclusive sport where it doesn't matter your ability, age or gender, you can have fun playing a new sport. American Flag is not a BUCS sport however, Marjon compete in a South West league against teams in the Devon and Somerset region. 

Instagram- @marjonamericanflag


Men's Basketball

Marjon Student Raiders are one of the most successful clubs at Marjon. This has been helped by our partnership with BBL side the Plymouth Raiders who coach and have included Marjon as part of their development system. The club runs 2 teams in BUCS with the 1st team in Western 1A proving themselves to be one of the best teams in the South West and competing on a national level. The 2nd team compet in Western 3A developing a foot hold in the Western region. The club is also developing a 3rd team that will compete in the Plymouth & Distrct league, being a platform for development and for those who are new to Basketball. 

Instagram- @marjonbasketball

Twitter- @marjonbasket


Yes, dance is a real sport! We are one of the few sports team at Marjon University that doesn’t throw, kick or catch a ball and we pride ourselves on that. We welcome all abilities and styles, whether you’ve been dancing your whole life or have never boogied on the dance floor. Each year we do two performances which you can choose to be in or not.

When we’re not dancing, we love a good social. We hold both alcoholic and non-alcoholic events so everyone can be involved and have a great time! Contact us on Facebook or Instagram. 

Facebook – Marjon Dance Team

Instagram - @marjondanceteam


Men’s Football

Marjon Men’s Football Club currently have 5 teams. The 1st and 2nd teams compete in BUCS, Westren 1A and 4A respectively. The 3rd and 4th teams are in the local Devon Wednesday league, whilst the 5th team is in the Plymouth & West Sunday league. Open trials are at the start of the academic year.

The club have great relationships with The Argyle Community Trust through coaching opportunities and various local clubs in Devon and Cornwall. 

Get in contact with us on Facebook.

Women’s Football

The Marjon Women's football have had great success in the past and with your help, they won't let it split. The club has 1 team which competes in BUCS Westren 1A which involes them being in the BUCS Trophy which is a national compeition. The club is support by Plymouth Argyle Ladies with a number of Marjon players playing for Argyle aswell. if this sounds good to you then they can't wait for you to join. 

Instagram- @marjonladies

Twitter- @marjonladies

Men’s Futsal

The Men's Futsal club is a new club that was setp up in 2019 and they will be going into BUCS for the first time in 2021. Futsal is a fast paced form of football with not many players in the club having played before they came to Marjon. As well as BUCS the team plays against local teams for players who aren't able to play at the BUCS level just yet. There has never been a better time to start!

Instargram- @marjonfutsalclub


Women’s Futsal

We are a small but friendly club and are always looking to grow our little team. Many of our players join having never played futsal before and the nature of our club allows you to grow and develop both on and off the pitch! So we welcome all abilities to our club. We have a close link with the men’s futsal team as well and have a heavy focus on a one club approach.


To find out more information: 

Instagram - marjonladiesfutsal 

Twitter - Marjon_L_Futsal 




One of our newest clubs is Golf. The club is open to all for a soicalable time playing a relaxing sport. The club doesn't compete in BUCS as a team but there are always opportunites for individual to repsent marjon against other universities. 

Instagram- @marjonunigolf


Men’s Hockey

We welcome anyone with any hockey experience who wants to have some fun, but also be part of a great club and team. We are a self-coached team with our captain and other senior players helping to run the training sessions to a high standard.

Alongside playing in a university league we have a very strong link with the local hockey club, Plymouth Marjon Hockey Club. By playing for the club and University team you get the chance to play lots of hockey throughout the week with different people.

Find us on Facebook

Women’s Hockey

The Marjon Women’s Hockey Club is a fun and welcoming team that welcomes new and old players to come and play hockey. We are a very team orientated club and have socials after our training sessions. The club consists of one team and we try to get everyone to have some pitch time.


Men’s Lacrosse

When you think of Lacrosse you think of it only being an American High School and College sport, however Marjon Lacrosse is a big part of the culture here. They compete in BUCS Westren 1A travalling from Southampton to Swansea. 

Marjon Lacrosse gives you a great enviroment to try a new sport and repsent Marjon. 



Women’s Lacrosse

The Women's Lacrosse team invites you to try a new sport. Most players have never played the sport so you shouldn't be think twice about picking up the stick. They compete in Western 2A in BUCS. 




Netball is the biggest female club on campus. The club has 3 team, the 1st compete in BUCS with the 2nds and 3rds playing in the Plymouth & Distrct league so there is room for all to join. The club along with the MSF put on a Soical Netball League where all genders can play netball, meet new people and get active.




Men’s Rugby

The Men's Rugby team is growing and you should be apart of it! The team invites players of all abilties to join, so it doesn't matter if you are a scholar looking play at the next level or someone who has never played before. The team competes in BUCS with a 2nd team being developed to play in more local competitions. The club has a great relatiobship with Plymouth Ablion as they give the club coaches and gives you the chance to showcase your skills. 



Women’s Rugby

The Women's rugby club has 1 team in BUCS but the club is open to all. University is a great time to play rugby for the first time. We have close relationships with 3 rugby clubs, Plymouth Albion, Devon Port Services and Plymstock Albion Oaks. It is optional for the girls to play additional rugby outside university but is a great opportunity for those who wish to improve on their skills.

Our social life is important to us to get to know everyone not just on the pitch. It’s a great way of meeting new people, enjoying the sport you love or taking up a new sport. Find us on Facebook.


Swimming & Water Polo

We are a super friendly club open to all. We have a well-established female waterpolo club that plays varsity and trains twice a week. The male team trains twice a week also and hope to start games this year! As a swimming club we have social and competition lanes. We are implementing swim teaching into the sessions to aid those who want to improve their stroke or learn a new stroke, via members who are qualified swim teachers. We meet regularly for social events both during the day and in the evening.

Table Tennis

We are one of the newest clubs in the MSF, having formed in 2020. We are small but friendly and continuously growing. We are planning to play in a local league/competitions and BUCS in the future. We are very inclusive, and any standard of play is welcome! Come along and give table tennis a go whether you plan to compete or just to socialise and have fun. 


 Instagram- @marjon.tabletennis 


The Tennis club is inclusive to all. We are a super friendly club which gives you opportunies to play in BUCS or just a chance to get active. 

Instagram- @marjontennis




The Marjon Volleyball club includes the men's and women's teams. The men's compete in BUCS and the women's in the Exeter & District league, they are looking to extend into more local competitions which makes it a great time for you to join!



To find out more about sport and sports clubs at Marjon head over to the Marjon Sports Federation page or look them up on FacebookTwitter or Instagram.



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